1997 marked the end of an era with coach Harrington retiring.  The success of his teams literally put Solanco on the map.  His boys teams had 329 wins to only 117 loses while his girls teams had 263 wins against only 15 defeats.  Along the way his teams won 11 league titles, 9 district titles and 2 state titles.  More importantly, countless numbers of young people learned numerous life lessons that propelled them into successful adult lives

In 1998, John Waggoner took over for Caoch Harrington.  The girls, without 4 of their top five runners from the previous year, turned in a very respectable 16-5 record.  Jessie Shoemaker had an outstanding season capped by a 10th place finish at the PIAA District 3 Championships.   Closing out the decade in 1999, Erin Peiffer had a spectacular senior season finishing undefeated in dual meets, winning a Lancaster Lebanon League individual championship crown, a 2nd place finish at the District 3 meet and 4th place finish at the PIAA State Championships.  Additionally that season, Jessie Shoemaker, Kourtney Humphreys, Kyle Nardella and Sam Kirk all earned a trip to the PIAA State Championship meet.

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