Coach Art Harrington Scholarship

The Arthur Harrington Scholarship was established in 1998 for the sole purpose of providing financial assistance to deserving student-athletes.  These award winners have demonstrated those traits taught and encouraged by long-time SLCXC & Track Coach, Mr. Art Harrington.

Over the past 16 years the scholarship has awarded over $15,000 to outstanding student-athletes.

The scholarship is currently funded through the generous support of our SLCXC alumni and our annual SLCXC Alumni, Family & Team Race in August.

To donate to the Harrington or Rhodes Scholarships, click to access donation form HERE.


Your doantion to the Harrington Scholarship and Rhoades Scholarship is 100% tax deductible if contribution is made to the Solanco Cross Country & Track Alumni Association. All donors will receive a statement noting their tax credit prior to the end of the tax year.


Harrington Scholarship Award Winners:

1999     Jennifer Butler                  Cory Soulliard

2000     Erin Peiffer                        Dave Olszewski

2001     Meghan Douglas Snyder     Thomas Meskey

2002     Kourtney Humphries          Derek Moss

2003     Jaclyn Bloth                      Brent Landis

2004     Carla Means                      J. Wesley Beers

2005     Priscilla Jennings               Andrew Musselman

2007     Elizabeth Linde                  Steven Schmitt

2008     Amy Rankin                      Lyle Ressler

2009     Keri Brion                         Justin Woerth

2010     Taylor Ludman                  Steve Linde

2011     Katie Eckman

2012     Emily Allport                     John Ausel

2013     Jamie Burkhart                 Tyler McCardell

2014     Kathleen White                 Tobias Kreider

2015     Carly Allport                     Noah Brady

2016     Kayla Robinson                 Liam Hodgson

2017     Morgan Perry                    Brandon Smyth


Coach Lee Rhodes Cross Country Scholarship Winners

2017   Cortney Johnson