Helping Others

Solanco XC is dedicated to success on and off the cross country course. We are committed to serving our school, community and charitable organizations. Team leaders are responsible for choosing and developing a plan each season to support those in need. This page highlights current and previous support provided by SLCXC student-athletes.

Sipili School for the Deaf

In 2015, SLCXC student-athletes, alumni and team supporters generated funds to support SLCXC Alumnus, Elizabeth Linde to purchase a bus for the Sipili School in Kenya.  Click on the title about to see details.

May 2014 - 26.2 Relay

Each Spring the SLCXC team holds a spring racing fundraiser to generate support for summer team camp and a charitable organization. In May of 2014, the team chose "The 4 Diamonds Foundation at Penn State University Hospital as the charity to support. The team donated a percentage of their over-all profits to the 4 Diamonds Foundation for their fight against childhood cancer.

Kevin Regan Memorial Run

Each fall SLCXC student-athletes assist at the annual Kevin Regan Memorial Run.

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